Walking Is To Say Goodbye To Fat

walking for weight loss

Did you know that walking just 30 minutes a day can burn 120-170 calories off? But to burn some calories and achieve a result, you have to make it right and properly, not just strolling around languidly. Let’s see how to walk to say goodbye to fat easily.

Brisk walk

Slow walking or strolling can’t help burn many calories. Effective walking is when you “walk and get tired”. So, you should walk at a more brisk speed and vary your steps since it help you lose thigh and hip fat. In addition, a brisk walk stimulates the body’s function, in particular the cardiovascular system and strengthens your heart.

Arm swing                                

Since there are axillary lymph nodes in the underarm area, swinging your arms helps improve lymphatic circulation to make sure that toxins and wastes will be removed from the body. The most powerful way is to swing your arms back as far as you can and swing forward in a little bit more relaxed manner. Your arms work opposite of your feet. If done properly, it will help reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous and abdomen fat. Swinging arms back and forth also helps relax shoulder muscles and soothe shoulder pain from using a computer.

Alternating walking and running

Some people may be so strong and healthy enough that walking can’t make them tired and fatigued. And if you don’t feel tired, it doesn’t work. So, you should try a run-walk method. Alternating between walking and running enhances the functioning of the heart by walking 40 steps alternating with running 40 steps. Then, gradually decrease walking intervals and increase running intervals.  Keep it consistent. Anyway, it is recommended to do this interval training in the evening than the morning. Otherwise, you probably smell your sweat for the rest of the day.

Walk up the stairs instead of using an elevator

Believe it or not that walking up the stairs about 15 minutes helps burn up to 150 calories per session. Walking up the stairs is an aerobic exercise that keeps your heart healthy, strengthens (and tightens) thigh, calves and buttock muscles. So, the next time when you have to go up to another floor in a building, use the stairs instead of an elevator. Make it your new habit so that you can burn fat and save energy at the same time.

Gradually stop when nearly reach the destination

If we walk very fast and then abruptly stop, our bodies may suddenly stop working and may hurt our muscles. Therefore, take the time to slow down or perform some stretches before you completely stop walking like cooling down after a workout to allow your body’s systems to return to normal. So, gradually stop walking or running is a very important phase, especially in the elderly with cardiovascular system problems.

See? It’s not that hard to burn your fat. Moving is also an exercising, but what we need is a proper walking posture. Please keep in mind that an effective walking is when you “walk and get tired” and you have to walk regularly. Come on, don’t be lazy. Let’s start walk to say goodbye to fat now!

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